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Efficient Rug Cleaning In Belgravia SW1X

Rug Cleaning BelgraviaIs your rug in dire need of a proper cleaning? Do you have delicate antique or quite expensive Persian or Oriental rugs? We specialize in their cleaning and maintenance, using a fine selection of bio-degradable detergents which have been made with the fiber's safety in mind. Though we are skilled in our craft, we also come fully insured and prepared to compensate you, just to give you a piece of mind. Book us now and we'll bring back your rug's original appearance. Dial 020 3746 8226 or get a free online quote. Either way we will quickly respond and send you a team of skilled & fully insured technicians.

Our Services Benefits

No longer will you have to worry about the state of your rugs, we are only one phone call away. Just ask for our experts and we will handle everything from the cleaning to drying and handling of the rugs. Choose us and you will surely have the following benefits:

  • Fully stain removal
  • Colour restoration & protection¬†
  • Efficient Prochem child & pet safe treatment
  • Fair & fixed prices
  • Multiple order discounts

Urgent & same day appointments availability. No deposits or hidden charges. Entire SW1X area covered.

How We Clean?

Steam cleaning - this is a very powerful technique to use, as it uses high pressure and high temperatures making it a sure way of removing any stains from the fibers of your rugs. Due to its powerful dirt cutting edge it is best used on woolen and synthetic materials as they will have the best reaction to this efficient combination. The rug is cleaned from all debris with a hoover then subjected to the steam jet which also extracts the gunk and moisture as soon as it is administered. There is a drying period of 2-3 hours, though it can be expedited with our air movers.

Dry cleaning -is a more favorable choice when dealing with natural fibered rugs, because it uses a fine dust as opposed to water or heat. They can cause natural materials like silk and sisal to shrink or get damaged and we don't want that with our Persian rugs. The fine dust is a detergent that is applied to the surface and then imbedded into the base of the fibers using a fine brush, it is then left to react with the stain and extracted after 10 minutes, resolving any staining issues and removing odours from the fibers of your rugs. Its completely safe for usage around children and pets.

Book This Service Now

For instant booking you could dial 020 3746 8226 where our dedicated 24/7 call center assistants will help you in any way possible. There is also a booking for and a free live chat, if that's what you fancy. Ask for a free quote while on the phone with us and receive info about deals and offers that we have.