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Efficient Mattress Cleaning In Belgravia SW1X

Belgravia Mattress CleaningWe shed an absurd amount of hairs and dead skin cells each day, most of which is on our sheets and mattress. This makes a great place for a bed bugs or dust mites to thrive and 95% of infestation cases are due to irregular mattress or pillow cleaning. Choose health, choose Local Cleaners Belgravia today and get your bed mattress and pillow cleaned all in one go, without using harmful substances or chemicals. Enjoy a clean & fully sanitized bed again. Call us now 020 3746 8226 and we will send you a team of experienced & fully insured technicians that will deeply cleanse your mattress and exterminate all bed bugs.

Benefits Of Booking Local Cleaners Belgravia

It's a no brained that a clean mattress is a good mattress, not only will our work lower pollen and dust levels, but also decrease allergens and the chance of dust mites popping up. Choosing our professional help you can also get:

  • Full stain & germs eradication
  • Urine stain removal
  • Odour neutralization
  • Combined booking discounts
  • Skilled & fully covered employees

Same day & urgent bookings. No deposit whatsoever. No concealed fees. 

Service Information

U.V Lights treatment - this is the only anti-pest treatment you'll need, as it is so effective. All over the world laboratories are using human made U.V light emitting light bulbs to sterilize materials, we got a hold of one of those and made it customer friendly. It does not harm the fibers of your mattress or pillow, but it sure does harm any bed bugs or dust mites that might be lurking in there. Due to its low frequency it passes through all layers of the mattress, reaching into the depths and devastating any pest population in its way. We extract the carcasses and fecal matter with high powered vacuum machines and leave a fully sanitized bedroom.

Steam cleaning - has its limited uses, it is ideal for stain removal especially when dealing with urine, blood and other types of organic staining. It dissolves the bond between the fibers and the compound and extracts it immediately using a vacuum machine. It's quick and it has a deodorizing effect, with the ability for you to choose what it smells like. It can also be used to remove dead pests from the fibers of your mattress, hence being a follow up procedure of the U.V lights treatment.

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We are accessible 24/7, with customer centers working all around the clock to be at your disposal whenever you need us. Call 020 3746 8226 and schedule a visit from our expert mattress cleaners. We won't charge you extra for late night or early morning bookings, nor weekend or bank holiday visits. Call us now and get deals and offers you've never even seen.