Certified Cleaning in the UK
24/7 call support
020 3746 8226


A: You can call us at any time of the day or night, any day of the year.

A: Submit a booking form detailing what you need or once on the phone ask our customer reps about the service you have in mind.

A: The only thing that we need is a close parking space for our truck, we bring a lot of equipment and would appreciate the gesture.

A: Heavier furniture or things of great value should be removed from the room prior to our arrival, we can move things at a reasonable size, however.

A: No, ne don't work that way. We work for your satisfaction and require payment after the job is done.

A: Your safety is our top priority, this is why we've replaced the old detergents with new, bio-degradable variants that have the cleaning power but don't come with toxic waste and heavy chemicals attached to them. That and they are safer for the environment.

A: Depending on the location and severity of contamination, within 3-4 hours of your call. For special cases call 020 3746 8226.

A: Within 1-2 month intervals, depending on the size of your household, location and the presence of pets and animals in the house. Regular cleaning is preferred.