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Expert Curtain Cleaning In Belgravia SW1X

Belgravia Curtain Cleaning With time curtains can accumulate quite a significant amount of dust, which can cause colour deprivations, unpleasant stale smells and it can even harm the fibers of the curtain by making them more likely to tare. We have the solution to your problem, with our professional curtain cleaning service, our Belgavia SW1X teams can battle any such problem while delivering the best and freshest results possible at no extra cost. Call us now and we promise you to restore the gleaming looks of your curtains & drapes. Contact us at 020 3746 8226 or get a free online quote.

What Benefits Can We Offer You

We fully extract any filth found in your drapery and remove it in a way that does not harm the delicate fibers of curtains. We protect the colours and prevent further damage to be dealt to the textiles. You can enjoy:

  • 100% stain removal
  • Better air quality
  • More vivid fiber colours
  • Skilled & fully insured staff
  • Combined booking discounts - 20%

We offer same day appointments (as well as emergency ones).Our prices are fair & fixed. There are no hidden fees for weekends or holidays bookings. We serve all Belgravia SW1X citizens.

Services Anathomy

Dry cleaning - gives our teams the ability to tackle any stain or blemish problem on your curtains, without worrying about damage of the fibers or their colours. A fine dust-like detergent is applied on the drapery once it has be taken down for proper cleaning, it is then left to react with the filth and after a 10 minute wait we extract everything with a vacuum machine. There is no drying, no waiting needed, we put the curtains back on at no extra charge after we are done. This is best used on natural fibers as they react best to the dry detergent.

Steam cleaning - allows us to properly cleaned drapery without having to take it down, it saves time, effort and most important of all it does not wrinkle the curtains. We use a portable steam machine that uses the same solution to water ratio as other treatments, it is applied as is on the curtain and is immediately extracted using a more gentle but efficient hoover. The curtain has to dry for 1-2 hours, though this can be done quicker with our special air movers about which you can acquire if you call us at (phone number). Because we use high temperatures it is best that curtains with wool and synthetic fibers be the target of this treatment.

Booking Curtain Cleaning Now!

You can do that in several ways - either dial 020 3746 8226, submit an easy to send booking form or even use the free instant chat. All venues of contact are supported 24/7, with friendly customer reps waiting to help get the fresh, healthy curtains you are looking for.