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Local Cleaners BelgraviaAre you looking for a reliable, affordable and trustworthy cleaning company that can handle any stain, blemish or dirt deposit in your home or office? Then Local Cleaners Belgravia is the right one for you. We have many years of experience cleaning different carpets, rugs, upholstery and mattresses and know the best way to tackle a wide range of stains. We can insure a quality job done, as we come equipped with all of the best machines and equipment. All of this at just a phone call away, pick up the phone and dial 020 3746 8226 and our team will handle all of the fine details from there. No deposits required. Urgent & same day appointments availability. No hidden fees. Combined bookings discount.

Why Choose Us?

If you book today you get access to a free customer care center that operates 24/7, for your convenience you can also do late bookings, same day visits and late night scheduling, all of which at no extra charge. All our clients will also get:

  • Full stain & dirt removal
  • Color restoration
  • No deposits required
  • Fixed & fair prices
  • Quality control and reassurance

Cleaning Methods We Use

Dry cleaning - follows a safe pattern of techniques that allow us to clean your home carpets without resorting to heavy chemicals or high Local Cleaners Belgraviatemperature water. It gives your carpet a fighting chance as it focuses on the stain and does not harm the fibers of the carpet. The method is proper for carpets made of delicate materials. For the cleaning we use a dry substance chosen in accordance to the stain type, its applied on said stain and is left to react with it for 10 minutes. Afterwards we extract the stain and the detergent and the carpet is ready for use, no drying or waiting required. You and your family are going to enjoy your dry, soft and clean textile flooring right after our experts leave your home. The procedure is 100% eco-friendly and effective.

Steam cleaning - on the other hand, we have a more powerful solution for hard to extract stains. This treatment utilizes the dissolving powers of heat and high pressure and in combination with special detergents, it makes for a fine solution for any stain or blemish present on your carpets. The effects are immediate as we use a high pressure attachment allowing us to blast away any dirt while extracting it instantaneously along with a large portion of the moisture we use. The carpet will require some drying, of about 2-3 hours for a full effect.

Booking Details

For a quick, no thrills booking call 020 3746 8226 or use the free and easy to submit booking for located on the website. We will be glad to consult you on any of your cleaning issues, while also offering your a free quote and other benefits and discounts. You can check on us to see what special deals we have for you each month, call today and save big.

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